Accounts Supervision

It may not be possible for the small and medium companies to appoint accounts managers who oversee the functions of the accountants and finalise the accounts periodically. Whereas the companies need the service of managerial persons for the smooth running of the accounting functions, here you can think about outsourcing the accounts supervision job. Service of qualified and experienced professionals can be availed within reasonable costs.

    Accounts Supervision services are aimed at ensuring the financial accuracy of business transactions, and includes

  • Vouching the transactions entered with the supporting documents
  • Checking the accuracy of provisions and other calculations
  • Verifying the account balances with all available documents including external confirmation
  • Checking the sales and purchase invoices and their posting
  • Checking the bank statements
  • Preparing/checking the bank reconciliation statements
  • Calculating and posting the provisions and closing entries
  • Physical cash verification
  • Extraction of income statement and balance sheet after all adjustments
  • Preparation of management reports as per the requirements of the client
  • Ensuring compliance with industrial standards and statutory requirements